Welcome to Puri

Puri appeals to a smorgasbord of travellers from the business to religious and everyone in between. Set on the east coast of India, caressed by the Bay of Bengal, Puri is home to some of the finest beaches in the country. In addition, it also features Jagannath Temple, which is renowned for being one of the four Char Dhams in India. This temple is revered by Hindus and sees a large footfall during the course of the year.

The temple was built during the 12th century, inspired by the distinctive Kalinga style of architecture. It is spread over an area of 10.7 acres and has a height of 65 metres, which makes it visible from all over the city. Puri is also well known for its textiles, appliqué art lampshades, bead and bamboo works, silver filigree artefacts and palm-leaf inscriptions (pattachitra).

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