Experience Pramod

At Pramod Hotels and Resorts, Odisha, we promise to give you a whole new dimension to holidaying and experiences – the way it should be, crafted to perfection for guests that love a whole new experience also with a multi-cuisine restaurant in Odisha and the best hotels in Odisha. The interiors, service and finger licking food is sure to exceed your expectations. The spa rejuvenates and revitalizes your senses. Make your trip more exciting by choosing to stay with us. It is the best choice for travellers and individuals seeking the most affordable, stylish accommodation in Odisha. We promise to meet every need of our guests. Future projects at Bhubaneswar, Vitarakanika, Rambha, Gopalpur.

- Durga Prasad Rath – Founder

Our Hotels in Odisha

The Dark Knight- Pramod House of Classics Puri- hotel in Puri 2

Pramod House Of Classics

Sharing the land with Lord Jagannath, Pramod House Of Classics, Puri is a true delight for both business and leisure travellers.

View from the Lawn- Pramod Convention and Beach Resort Puri- leisure resort in Puri

Pramod Convention & Beach Resort

Standing very close to the Puri Beach, Pramod Convention & Beach Resort, Puri is a dream destination for both business and leisure travellers.

Welcome to  Pramod Convention and Club Resorts Cuttack- Resort in Cuttack

Pramod Convention & Club Resort

Tied up very close to the Mahanadi River Bed, Pramod Convention & Club Resort, Cuttack is just one step away from the adventurous stay.

Dining & Banquet Halls

Rajwada restaurant at Pramod Convention and Club Resorts Cuttack- Restaurant in Puri 1
Emerald Hall- Pramod Convention and Club Resorts Cuttack- Resorts in cuttack 4

The flavourful aroma and the multi-cuisine delicacies at our restaurants in Odisha will surely rock your taste buds. Walk-in to savour the best delicacies that will take your vacation to another level. Pramod Hotels and Resorts stand along with you to host your business and social events to make them nothing but the best for you. With picture-perfect settings and tastefully decorated interiors will leave your events mesmerized and unforgettable.

In The Holy Land Of Odisha

Shri Jagannath Temple Puri Near Pramod House Of Classics Puri is a leisure Hotel in Puri

Shri Jagannath Temple

Owning one of the world's mega kitchens, Shri Jagannath Temple is here to banish the hunger and bring the devotees even more closely to its arms. Pramod House Of Classics is just 11 minutes drive away from this magnificent shrine.

Puri Beach near Pramod Hotels and Resorts Odisha

Puri Beach

Pramod Convention & Beach Resort is located just 5 minutes away from this romantic beach. Sharing the land with the Bay of Bengal, Puri Beach is magical during the sunrise and sunsets.

Mahanadi River Bed near Pramod Hotel Resorts Odisha

Mahanadi River Bed

Mahanadi River Bed in Odisha beholds beauty and scenic-view that transfixes anybody's eyes. This river flows across Chhattisgarh and Odisha and stands as a support to many residents.