Pramod House of Classics, Puri

Our newest and finest jewel in the Pramod crown is the Pramod House Of Classics, Puri, this designer hotel consists of 7 private, ultra luxury, apartment styled suites, each personally designed by our founder. With one of a kind, tastefully done interiors, each suite is set in a separate era. A wide range of guest facilities backed by warm hospitality provides a unique experience and make the hotel and resort in Puri a preferred destination for the discerning business and leisure traveller.

Every door is a gateway to a different world. Each of the 7 residential styles two bedroom suite features a unique theme and comes with a personal butler. All suites come with a complete range of guest amenities to ensure a comfortable and memorable stay. To ensure exclusivity and privacy, House of Classics is closed to the general public and guest stays are by invitation and prior reservations only.

Experience Opulence at Our Luxury Rooms

The Dark Knight- Pramod House of Classics Puri- hotel in Puri 3
Back to the future- Pramod house of classics- resort in Puri 2
Every story has an impact to inspire and create, the accommodations at Pramod House Of Classics, Puri tells different stories that shape your individuality and connect you to an unprecedented level of your uniqueness. The rooms at our leisure hotel in Puri flaunts its beauty and creativity at the edge of the hotel. These rooms are an absolute bliss to stay in and converge you to a path of fun and adventure. Moulin Rouge, Back To The Future, Mughal-E-AzamFifty Shades Of GreyWhite MischiefThe Dark Knight, and The Lost World, these rooms behold beauty and elegance that mark the standards of the Hotel.

Dining at Pramod House Of Classics, Puri

Fine Dining- Pramod House Of Classics Puri- Restaurant in Puri 1
Fine Dining- Pramod House Of Classics Puri- Restaurant in Puri 6
"Good food puts you in good mood", while we work considering such conventions, our hotel in Puri will ignite your soul with best delicacies. Fine dining at Pramod House Of Classics, Puri, will never disappoint you with taste and tang. Engulf yourself at the restaurants at our hotel in Puri and savour luscious multi-cuisine delicacies.

Puri, The Land Of Fidelity

Shri Jagannath Temple Puri Near Pramod House Of Classics Puri is a leisure Hotel in Puri
Shri Jagannath Temple in Puri is a Hindu shrine devoted to Lord Jagannath who is one of the many avid forms of Lord Vishnu. This holy temple is a pilgrimage destination of many Hindus across the globe and owns one of the world's largest kitchens which can fill the appetite of millions in one sitting. This beloved shrine is also popular for its annual Rath Yatra, an extravagant gathering of the devotees to celebrate the Lord. This magnificent shrine is just 11 minutes drive away from Pramod House Of Classics, Puri. Book your stay at our leisure hotel in Puri to have a resplendent vacation.